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.NET Framework

Over View





.NET Languages

Dll’s (Vs) Exe’s

Getting Started

Using Variables and Arrays

Methods and Parameters

Decision Structures and Loops

Handling Errors and Exceptions

Classes, structures and enums





• Shadowing(new methods)

• Overriding

Method Overloading

this and base Keyword

Sealed classes

Interfaces, Abstract Classes

Working with Delegates

Designing and Implementing Events


Sealed classes and Partial classes

C#.NET Application Architecture

Solution, Projects

Compiling, Debugging and Running in IDE

System.Windows.Forms Assembly


The Form Class

Win Forms

Visual Inheritance

Programming with Controls

User Controls

Working With Collections, IO

Readers and Writers





Binary Serialization

Formatters, Binary Formatter

SOAP Serialization

XML Serialization






Data Readers

Command Object

Procedure Execution (PL/SQL)

Data Tables

Data Relations

Data Views

Strong Names


Private and Shared Assemblies



Threading Introduction

System.Thrading NameSpaces

Thread Members

Thread States



Drawbacks of the Existing System

Why .NET came into picture

Difference between Java and .NET

.NET Framework Architecture

Versions of .NET Framework

Disadvantages of Visual Basic

Programming in VB .NET


Conditional Statements






Overloading Methods and Constructors

Abstract Classes



Access Specifies

What is Exception

Error Handling

Using Try, Catch, Finally and Throw

Defining our own exception classes

Debugging the Application

Understanding Windows Programming

Class Hierarchy

Using Various Windows Components

Client Server Architecture

Understanding Drivers and Providers

ADO .NET Architecture

Using OLEDB Providers

Data Readers

Using Oracle and SQL Server Managed Providers

Disconnected Architecture with Data sets

Data controls

Data Table and Data View difference and usage

Invoking Stored Procedures

Why Assemblies

Disadvantages of Com

Architecture of Assemblies

Creating Private and Shared Assemblies

Deploying Shared Assemblies in GAC

Creating and Using them in other applications

Defining properties to controls using Property Procedures

Defining Events to controls and invoke them

Difference between Multitasking and


Advantages of Multithreading

Creating Multiple threads in application

Thread Synchronization

Understanding Windows Services

Creating Windows Services

Installing and Uninstalling Windows services

Understanding Distributed Architecture

Drawbacks of DCOM

Remoting Advantages

Remoting Vs web services

Creating & Using Remote Applications

Designing and Invoking Crystal Reports

Datasets and Crystals Reports



Web Programming





Difference Between ASP and ASP.NET


Inline Technique & Code-Behind Technique

Code Render Blocks

Server Controls

Page Basics, Page lifecycle

Post back Request

View State, Directives

Html Server Controls

Web Server Controls

Basic Web Controls

List Controls, Data Controls

Adv Controls, User Controls


DataReaders and DataSets

Command Object

Transaction Programming

Procedure Execution

Data Adapter and Data Set

Data Tables

Data Relation

Data Views

Updating Dataset

Working with Data Controls


• Inserting,Updating, Deleting

• Sorting in Data Grid

• Paging in Data Grid

DataSource Controls




Data List

Repeater Control

Crystal Reports

XML Programming



SAX Model

DOM Model

XML Programming in .Net

XML Readers

XML Serialization


View State

Cookie State

Session State

Session Tracking

Application Object

Session and Application Events

Machine.Config & Web.Config.

App Setting

Compilation Settings

Custom Error Settings

Session State Settings

InProcess & OutProcess Sesstion States

State Server & SQL Server

Cookieless Session State

Application and Global.ASAX

Introduction to Caching

Types of Caching

Page Caching

Diff. between Webuser Controls & Custom Controls

Page fragmentation Caching

Data Caching

Data Caching Object

Page Level

Application Level

Authentication & Authorization

Windows Authentications

Forms Authentications

Passport Authentications




Publishing and Consuming Web Services

Web Client

Windows Client

Caching Web Services

Security in Web Services

Webpart Manager

Zone Types





Advanced.NET Content

WCF with C#

Review the Challenges of Building Distributed Applications

Examine the Concept of Service Oriented Application

See a High Level Overview of Windows Communication Foundation

Build and Host your First WCF Service

Understand how to Host a WCF Service

Understand how Clients Communicate with Services

See how to Host and Call a Service using Multiple Bindings

See how to Configure Endpoint in Code and in Configuration Files

Understand how to Work with Bindings

Explore how to Create Service and Data Contracts

See the Implications of Modifying Service and Data Contracts

Learn how to Handle Exceptions in WCF Services

See Techniques for Diagnosing Services

Explore One-Way and Duplex Communication

See how to use Sessions to Maintain State in WCF Services

Explore Options for Controlling the Lifetime of a Service Instance

Learn how to Add Transactions Support to a WCF Service

Explore the Basics of WCF Security

See how to Authenticate Callers of a Service

See how to Authorize Callers Based on Roles

Explore how to Build WCF Services that Support Representational State Transfer (REST)

WPF with C#

Understand the motivation behind WPF

Examine the various 'flavors' of WPF applications

Overview the services provided by WPF

Examine the core WPF assemblies and namespaces

Work with the Window and Application class types

Learn the syntax of XAML

Understand the XAML / code relationship

Survey the core WPF control types

Review the WPF control programming model

Learn to position controls using layout managers

Understand the role of WPF control commands

Understand the scope of the WPF documents API

Distinguish between fixed documents and flow documents

Populate a document with inline and block elements

Work with the WPF document APIs

Understand the scope of WPFs graphical rendering services

Work with the Shape types

Work with Brushes and Pens

Apply graphical transformations

Understand the role of geometries and drawings

Work with the visual programming layer

Learn to manage binary resources

Understand the role of logical resources

Work with resources in XAML and procedural code

Work with resource dictionaries

Understand the resource lookup mechanism

Know the role of dynamic resources

Learn how to make use of system resources

Learn how to define and apply WPF styles

Learn to limit where a style can be applied

Build new styles based on existing styles

Understand the use of triggers

Understand the scope of WPF's animation services

Define animations in code and XAML

Work with linear interpolation animations

Work with key-frame-based animations

Work with path-based animations

Understand the WPF data binding mechanism

Bind to custom objects

Understand the relationship between WPF logical and visual trees

Learn to build custom control templates

Examine options for building custom controls



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