C++ Training in Malleswaram, Bangalore

Course Duraiton: 1 Month

IGEEKS Technologies: C++ Training Course Content

Understanding Requirement : Why C++

C vs C++

Advantage of OOP

Software and Hardware for C++

Compiling and Linking

Data Types, Variables and Arrays


Control Statements

Function Prototyping

Call/Return by Reference

Function overloading

Friend and Virtual Functions

Defining Member Functions

Arrays within a class

Memory allocation for Objects

Pointers to Members

Parameterized/Copy/Dynamic Constructors

Multiple Constructors in a Class

Dynamic initialization of objects

Constructing Two-dimensional Arrays


Overloading Unary / Binary operators

Manipulation of String Using Operators

Rules for Overloading Operators

Type Conversions

Defining Derived Classes

Constructors in Derived Classes

Single/Multiple/Multilevel/Hierarchical/Hybrid Inheritance

Virtual Base Classes

Abstract Classes

Member Classes : Nesting of Classes

Pointers to Objects

This Pointer

Pointers to Derived Classes

Virtual Functions

C++ Stream Classes

Unformatted/Formatted I/O Operations

Introduction to File Management

Opening/Closing a File

Input /Output operations on Files

Error Handling During I/O Operations

Command Line Arguments

Basics of Exception Handling

Exception Handling/Throwing/Catching Mechanism

Rethrowing an Exception

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